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About Live Action Motorsports

The Best in Custom Builds and Newer Model Modifications

We’re the best custom build and modification shop in Northern California. We know we’re not your only choice, but we’re the team that’s going to bring honest reliable expert services to every customer and every vehicle no matter the size of the project.

We also “get it.” We get it when you describe wanting to feel free on the road and pushing limits. We get it when you say your car has a personality and particular quirks. We get it when you talk about your car as a piece of fine art or your adventure partner.

We can match your passion every step of the way which is why we’re invested in making your custom build or modification a reality. Life is too short to drive a boring car or truck. We know you have a dream and we’re the team that will make sure you get exactly what you want — delivering better than expected results every time.

Looking for hot and sexy?

We make it sizzle.

Longing for cool and classic?

We’ll build you a legend.

Dreaming of polished and smooth?

We create a masterpiece of luxury.

Ready for rough and tumble?

We give you an adventure.

You want reliable and consistently great work?

We’re your expert team.

Who Is Live Action Motorsports?

Owners, Jeff Abrahamson and KC Prill discovered they were gearheads when they started working on their own project cars as young teenagers. That first vehicle led to a second and third and it wasn’t long before they realized their love of cars was way more than a hobby. Now, as co-owners of Live Action Motorsports, they love what they do and it shows with the customized personal care every customer and vehicle receives.

If you’re looking for the car guys that get excited when they can breathe life back into a cool classic car or vintage truck, the car geek that can turn a wrench, or the enthusiast that makes your car dreams come true, it’s time to meet Jeff, KC, and the rest of the Live Action Motorsports crew.

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Jeff Abrahamson

Owner + Manager

If Jeff had to describe himself as a classic car he’d choose the 1973 Ford Pinto Wagon — one of the biggest selling family cars in the early 70’s, a rugged reliable classic, and the precursor to minivans and SUVs.

Jeff has always found the mechanics of fixing cars something that comes naturally to him. As a teenager, he loved finding what was broken and making it work.

Now, he is sharing all that knowledge of what happens under the hood of a car with his son, Hank. When he’s not in the shop managing the day-to-day or working on a car in the Live Action Motorsports shop he and Hank are in their home shop hard at work fixing up their own project and toy cars.

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KC Prill

Owner + Tech

A powerful engine that leaves a collection of pink slips a mile behind it, co-owner KC Prill, considers himself a 1968 Chevy Camaro , a sought-after classic that is best known for its drag racing days.

KC’s knowledge, speed, and skills are applied to beautiful custom builds and helping customers install cool modifications to newer model vehicles. He looks forward to seeing a customer’s face when they hear the engine fire up for the first time or watch a completed build roll out of the shop looking brand new.

In his free time, you can find KC building demolition derby cars and getting them ready to be the last car standing at local smash em’ up events.

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