Modern Car and Truck Modifications

Must have mods for car and truck enthusiasts

Looking to improve how your car or truck’s speed, performance, comfort, visual appeal, or function?

Work Trucks

Your work truck isn’t just a vehicle. It’s your second office and an essential piece of equipment that lets you get your job done. Modifications help make your work truck an efficient and effective tool that saves you time and money.

Live Action Motorsport has been expertly modifying work trucks since we opened in 2017. Some of the top modifications our customers are asking for include:

Not sure what you need? We’ll help you know what the best equipment on the market is today and help you get it installed.

Off Road Vehicles

You’re off the beaten path and on an adventure to discover what’s around the next corner. The fun begins as soon as the road ends and you’re climbing rocks, cruising trails and ridgelines, throwing sand, or heading straight into the water or mud. Don’t get stuck. Make your standard 4×4 cruiser the perfect partner in your next extreme adventure.

Live Action Motorsports is ready to maximize your off-road performance with any type of modification. Here are a few mods that every enthusiast should consider and Live Action Motorsports is an expert at installing:

Have a specific modification in mind? Connect with us and let’s make it happen.

Performance Modifications

Customize your performance vehicle and enjoy every minute of driving. Performance modifications are all about speed and when you have speed, you get to write your own story of life in the fast lane.

Whether you have a standard vehicle, a high-performance car, or a muscle car, Live Action Motorsports installs modifications that improve handling and give you more power and speed.

High-performance modifications you may be considering:

Not sure what the right amount of power is for you? Let’s talk about what options you have to take advantage of every moment of the open road.

Body Modifications

You want your car to look as good as it feels when you drive it. Body modifications change the look of your car and are personalized to show off your unique style.

Whether you want a full body kit installed or a few specialized additions, Live Action Motorsports will make it happen.

Which of these custom looks would you like to explore?

Wheels & Tires

Custom rims and new tires can dramatically change the look of your car or truck. Live Action Motorsports will help you find specialized wheels that help you achieve the results you want for your modern car or truck.

Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure you’re rolling out of Live Action Motorsports with one sweet ride.

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