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Let’s Get You Behind the Wheel of Your Classic Dream Car

Fender to Fender Custom builds — How Can We Help You?

Classic Car Restoration and Conceptual Design

Get your first glimpse at what is possible when we help you design the restoration and rebuild of your classic vehicle. We work directly with you and your budget to build the car of your dreams.

Let’s sit down together and brainstorm possibilities or if you’re ready to move toward a finished product, we are too.

Often we have to tear down the car first to find out exactly what we’re dealing with before we can put in place an exact plan to move forward.

Next, we sandblast the metal so we can see what we’re working with. From there we set up a meeting with you to talk about all the options:

Once we’ve got an idea of what your dream restoration car looks like we can provide a cost estimate for the full project.

Remember, Live Action Motorsports offers both full restoration where no part is left untouched and “just get it moving” repairs. We’ll help you drive off in a car that looks like it just rolled off the factory line, get your engine running smoothly, add cool components, or build out the interior.

Your dream car is about to become a reality.

Metal & Fabrication

We know that a classic car often has damaged metal components. It’s called a classic for a reason.

Our metal & fabrication work has you covered for all the bending, beading, and stamping of metal parts that you might need. We’re talking about new panels, doors, fenders, hood or trunk lid, running boards, floor pans, and more.

We can evaluate your frame, fabricate and weld anything needed to complete your build. No project is too big or too small. We’ve got one goal — Get your classic vehicle foundation looking good and feeling strong so it lasts.

Paint & Body Work

One of the saddest stories is of a classic car that looks great on the outside but is rusting away underneath. A beautiful body base is important for the longevity and functionality of your vehicle. Live Action Motorsports removes those dents and gets rid of the rust to make sure your dream car is preserved through many more lifetimes.

How do we do that?

It’s all in the details. In order to evaluate the body of a classic vehicle, we strip the old paint away to get to the steel frame — always protected with etch prime. Then we make all the repairs needed. We bang out those dents, remove rust, fabricate new parts as needed, and make sure any other imperfections, big or small, are repaired before moving on to paint.

Custom paint on a classic car is often one of the most exciting times for the owner. This is where your dream car gets dressed in that cherry red, midnight black, or British racing green you’ve always imagined.

Want something other than a straightforward one-color look? Get ready for heads to turn when we apply flames, stripes, or custom designs.

Engines & Car Parts

Mechanical restoration is one of the most important parts of a classic car rebuild. There’s no point in having a car that looks good but can’t go anywhere. Live Action Motorsports rebuilds or replaces all of your mechanical systems to get your car ready to roll down the road with you behind the wheel.

When you need help with your engine, brakes, steering and suspension system, transmission, or exhaust you can count on us to give you the best advice.

When you need mechanical system support bring it to Live Action Motorsports experts.

Interior & Upholstery

Let’s make the inside of your classic car match the outside with interior and upholstery restoration. Live Action Motorsports can make the interior look just like it did the day they rolled it off the factory floor or let’s create your own custom dream look and restore it to your comfort specifications.

Wondering what kind of interior work needs to be considered? Here are just a few of the many services that we offer our restoration customers:

Let’s talk about what you want to be as comfortable as possible in your classic car.

Classic Cars Wheels & Tires

You can’t just put any wheels on your classic car.

If you’re driving a hot rod you know that your wheels are what gives your car its cool vibe. And if you’re driving another style of classic car you may be looking to keep it as time-period perfect as possible or want the whitewall look and feel.

Live Action Motorsports has the connections to source the tires and wheels you want on your classic vehicle.

We also help build and restore your rims, wheel, and hubcaps to make sure they look like new.

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